Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ok so it's been awhile!

This is a card I made for my mothers birthday! Stella! She looks like she's having a blast! Olive & all! Happy birthday Mom!!!

The following cards are 3 that I kinda pumped out all in one day. I don't LOVE them but they are ok. I was experimenting...hee hee

I love pink & brown and I do quite like this card.

This card, I started with the ribbon because I liked the color, then I chose everything else from there. It's so-so.
This one started out being a christmas card but didn't end up being a christmas card but it is pretty! hee hee


Eulanda said...

I LOVE the pink & choco one!! I like that you cut her out. Tough with skinny arms huh?!! All cards look great!! Nice job!

Meli Mitchell said...

Pink and brown are my favorite colors and so, you know, I love that card the best! The paper is so pretty. You have such a good eye.

Scrappie said...

Wow, I love your cards, especially the brown and pink ones, they are so adorable!


Glitter Bella aka Jessica Ottevanger