Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Today is our birthday!

TWINS DAY IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD!  Well, she's a little farther away then that but she's always with me in my mind. :)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDIE; to the one I share my birthday with.  It's so fantastik sharing a birthday!  2 makes a party, LOL
We decided to make each other a card this year using a snowman theme.  Any kind made by any designer & this is what we both came up with...now keep in mind we didn't tell each other what we were doing, it was a surprise...the first one is the one she made me & the 2nd one is the one I made her...

WE USED THE SAME FREAKIN SNOWMAN!  Oh great minds think alike!  LROL  Anyways, I just wanted to wish Eulanda a happy birthday, she's the best sister & best friend a girl could ask for!  Thanks to my Mom!  I love you both!


Eulanda said...

AAAAAA ha ha ha!! OMG our posts are so close it's actually hilarious! But what can we say?! Great minds think alike!! Happy birthday buddie!! AGAIN!! I'll probably be telling you that on and off all day. ha ha ha!! HUGS!!

Sheri said...

Happy birthday Simone! I hope you had a super duper day.

Judi said...

Sorry I'm a day late wishing you Happy Birthday Simone!


Judi xx

CraftinGranny said...

Hi Simone, I didn't realize you were Eulanda's twin till I saw this post. I should have known because your creations are just as fantastic as her's. Great blog and super adorable card. I'll be checking in on you more often. Happy Birthday! "Hugs" Carol