Saturday, January 22, 2011


It's time for me to make space for new stamps so I am selling my Stamping Bella collection. (Also a few Fella Bellas, Stella Bella & Kettos.) If you are interested, please let me know and I can send you a Pay Pal invoice, or you can pay by email transfer.

Here is my list of Bellas & the prices after I have take off  35%.

Balloonabella 4.54
Bikeabella 5.84
Billboardabella 7.79
Bubblebella 5.84
Cosmobella 3.44
Cuppacakeabella 5.19
Daisybella 4.74
Dryabella 3.44
Gardenbella 3.44
Javabellas 4.74
Loveybella 3.44
Merrybella 4.09
Mwahbella with words 7.14
Partygirlabella 4.09
Rockabella 4.09
Scissorbella 3.89
Snowbunnybella 4.09
Tinkerbella 4.09
Trickortreatabella 4.74
Underthehoodybella 5.19
Veggiebella 5.19
Wreathabella 4.74
Beerafella 4.74
Fixabella 5.19
Sockabellafella 5.84
Stella with an Olive on top 5.19
Stella needs a prezzie 5.39
Tangled Stella 4.54
MissmatchKetto 4.74
LuluKetto 4.54
IvyKettle 4.74
Henrietta 6.49
Snowfight 4.74
Lola with Gift (Rachelle Anne Miller) 5.04

You can take a peek at most of these on the Stamping Bella Website...

These funds are Canadian as well.

Thanks so much!!!


Kimberly said...

Hi, i'm interested in quite a few. Are these the prices or are you taking an additional 35% off, not sure if i understood.
So far i'm liking billboardbella,daisybella,merrybella,partygirlbella,scissorbella,snowbunnybella,beerafella,missmatchketto,ivy ketto,henrietta. Would like to see the lolawithgift as i couldn't find that one. Would like anything exercise related if you have anything. Let me know on price and i'll confirm which ones i would like. Thanks for your time.

Mascha van Dijk Zimmerman said...

Hi Simone, What a lovely card,this girl looks just like you..bye Mascha

Anonymous said...

Do you still have any? I see some I would like to get. Like all you Kettos

BishopsMommie said... you still have any of these left? thanks