Sunday, October 2, 2011


So fellow Peeps,
I was surfin on the internet & I came across something I thought was really neat & wanted to share it.  You can publish your own blog & make the whole thing into an actual book or PDF file!  The Cutest Blog on the Block does it!  You can even go to this page & half way down you can enter your own blog address & it will show you what your book is going to look like.  You can also edit it & come back to it later if you run out of time!  It does cost a bit & of course the more pages you have the more expensive it is but the cheapest way to do it is a PDF file.  FYI, this is not an advertisement, it's just something I wanted to share cuz I think it is so cool.
Anyways, check it out if you like. 

Creatively Yours, Simone


Eulanda said...

Ok LUV the new clog look! Can you do mine?! snicker...oh wait I suppose I can. AND I'm over 100 pages so ya, $100 but I am going to find out if I get it in PDF how much it would cost me to get it printed in color here. I like the idea of a hard cover tho. So, we'll see.

Roxy said...

This is cool! I know someone in Australia who did it, but wasn't sure where, but it's definitely a good idea! Thanks for the link, I will check it out!