Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just to share a few new creations

I've been doing a few things that I haven't been posting for lack of time more then anything else.  I made two birthday cards for friends & although they're not as fancy as I would have liked them to be, they will have to do.  They were fun though.

The I did a few Christmas 5 X 7" canvas boards using a bit of a vintage style.  I really like them & so easy to do!  I get a lot of my vintage images from The Graphics Fairy.  She has TONNES of fun stuff!

Creatively Yours, 


Dorothy E said...

You have been a busy little crafter haven't you! As much as I don't care much for the vintage look I really like what you have done with those 2 pieces! Very nice! I did that jumping up and down woman for Hilton's birthday!!! I must get it posted on my blog too!
Nice work!

Eulanda said...

Ok thanks for that....I just spent like 20 mins on that Graphics Fairy site. LOL!! AND I did pick up some nice vintage postcards and music sheets so sweet!! And I never knew mom didn`t like vintage but I get it tho. Took me awhile to come around to it but now..wooo buddie you rocked these pieces. I love mine!! (It fell off the fridge tho and there`s a lot of glitter on the floor) LOL!! Nothing came off tho. Thanks buddie!! LOVE those old ladies....freakin hilarious!! GREAT STUFF!!

Graphicat said...

Awesome projects girl! I really like your canvas! So pretty! And now... Im off to look at this Graphics Fairy!!!

Judi said...

Hey Simone!

LOVE, love, love, the ladies on your cards - they're absolutely BRILLIANT, CAN I ask where you got them from please?

Also loving your boards - you really are one talented family!

Have a great weekend.


Judi x

Sheri said...

Love them! The ladies are so funny and your sayings are perfect! Ok, just when I thought I didn't have to buy anything, I am off to look at the Fairies. Thanks, I think :)

Anonymous said...

I love those old lady cards!! LOL too Funny! your vintage canvas boards are beautiful as well!