Friday, August 31, 2012

Wedding Bells

I like making wedding cards or anniversary cards once in awhile.  I try to make them look "regal" instead of playful which is more my usual style.  My fiancee's Dad (soon to be father-in-law) is getting married this weekend & I believe the bride is wearing a red dress hence the colors I chose. 
 Oh, this is my cat, Tucker.  He's helping me take pictures.  He really likes the card too & I know he LOVES some of my embellishments because I sometimes find them under my desk instead of ON my desk.  Hmmm, wonder how those got there TUCKER?!



Dorothy E said...

That is a very classy looking card!!! They will love it! Hope you have a good day!

Alessandra said...

tee hee, I love your little helper... mine is tidying up my desk at night too... and then all the feathers are somewhere BUT NOT where they are supposed to be... your card is lovely, really classy I think.
Hugs, Alessandra

Eulanda said...

Very very pretty. Love the usage of your Silhouette machine. Way to go!! And when you find the pieces of embellie's on the floor are they wet by any chance?!! More specifically the feathers? Buggers!