Monday, April 29, 2013

For My Mike

Recently I created a project for my significant other that I wanted to share with you.  And yes those are all me although my hair is totally different in some of the pictures.  Us girls can do that!
This is now hanging about our bed & it's just a little reminder for him...and me actually, of my feelings for him.  I wrote out "our" song which is by Jason Mraz called "I won't give up".  And in case you can't tell, those are starfish in the middle.  Mike was down at the beach one day & he found these starfish.  It reminded him of us, so much so that he waited for me to come down to the beach to see them.  Then he picked them up & moved them to a safe place so nothing could get at them.


Janice said...

How lovely, a really sweet gift which I'm sure was much appreciated, Jx

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Hope your guy knows how special you are!! :)

Dorothy E said...

Hanging about your bed is it? I just couldn't resist!!!! You better capture that thang and I dunno hang it above your bed? hahahaha
Awesome job! I know he just loved it! Great pictures of you kids! I love the sunglasses one especially....oh and the one taken on my deck here.....oh I like them all!!!
Mikey is such a romantic! The starfish story is cute!
Be seeing you soon!
Love you,

Judi said...

A fabulous way to display your love for each other Simone, and don't forget when tough times are with you, keeping the romance alive helps you through.


Judi x

Sheri said...

What a wonderful idea. Love your pictures, the starfish story, and your layout. I bet he loved it as well!

Eulanda said...

So cool buddie!! Is that a board painted black and then just frames? Nice tho!!