Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mom's Kisses

 So I TOTALLY forgot to post this a while back but I created it & had to wait till I gave it to Mom so she wouldn't see it.  I wanted to use my Silhouette & try some glass etching.  It didn't turn out as vibrant as I had hoped for but everything else turned out good.
 You can hardly see the etching but of course with silver kisses it's not going to show up well either.  Here is what it is though...
So we added our own stickers to the bottom of the kisses so the messages were more personalized.  (There's a lot more then just the two. LOL)  I say we because my fiance helped me with this project. I realized after that, how incredibly detail oriented I am.  Usually that's a good thing, but there's such thing as "too much!".  Strive for excellence, not perfection.  Right Mom!
 I had lots of fun coloring the lid & blinging it up!  (My favorite part of any project!)
I also added a tag with a cute little message inside.  I found the poem, which I believe is actually called "Angel Kisses" online but I changed a few things to make it what we wanted.
Voila!  My project.

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Dorothy E said...

And I just love it!!! What a kind and thoughtful girl my daughter! I am thinking that it must have taken hours to glue all those little circles with the lovely sayings on the bottom. And yes, her Mikey helped her!!!! Both of you are so good to me and I thank you for that!!! Love you too. Mom