Sunday, September 23, 2012

Meakin's Birthday

For my little nephew turning 3 years old.  I've finally clued in that making a child a birthday card is a lot easier then I thought.  They don't seem to need all the little details that I usually put on a card because they don't really notice them anyways.  So I made a simple yet cute card for him.  I picked out some really cute dragon paper from a Magnolia collection & used a dragon from Dustin Pike.  Of course I made the balloons & #3 with my Silhouette because I never make a card anymore without using it at LEAST once!
Happy Birthday Meakin!


Anonymous said...

Too cute! I love my silhouette! I am just so damn lazy do turn it on! Isn't that terrible! Cute card! I am sure your nephew loved it! :)

Eulanda said...

Awwww this is cute! Love the wire for the strings. Clever! I'm with Chris - too lazy to get my machine out. Need a bigger room. hee hee

Dorothy E said...

Oh that is such a cute card! I am so glad that you guys came to the party!!!